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Arsenal won't be selling Mesut Özil, probably

Particularly not to where he's "rumored" to be going.

"nah fam"
"nah fam"
Julian Finney/Getty Images

Every summer there is a glut of transfer stories, which tend to fall into one of three categories. Believable And Reliable. Believable But Unreliable. And finally, Complete And Utter Garbage. Here today I bring you a dispatch from the latter category, and it's one of my favorites ever.

From the Mirror's "gossip" page:

Besiktas want Ozil?

Turkish giants Besiktas are trying to complete a audacious move for Mesut Ozil, according to the Daily Express.

Erol Kaynar, a former board member for Besiktas, claims that Erdan Torunogullari, the club's transfer chief, has held talks with Ozil's agent.

"Erdal [Torunogullari] met with Mesut Ozil’s representatives last week and made an enquiry," Kaynar said.

Ozil would demand a massive transfer fee having cost the Gunners £42.5million back in 2013.

So first off, no, this is not happening. We're not selling Mesut Özil this summer, and if we did it's unlikely that Besiktas would have the money available to both 1) pay Arsenal a large enough fee to make it worthwhile, and 2) pay Özil enough in wages to make him want to sign there at this point in his career.

We paid somewhere in the neighborhood of £42 million for Özil, and considering how close we are to the transfer window closing and how crucial Özil is a part of the team, Besiktas would have to pay considerably more than that for it to make any sense. Arsenal and Arsène Wenger would also need to have a replacement ready – and no, Jack Wilshere doesn't count. There's no sense that that's on the table.

And why would Özil want to leave, for Turkey of all places? He's finally settling in well here, he's in a team with ambitious goals and the means to achieve them, and he's being paid well. Some blogs reporting this make reference to Özil's "native Turkey" – Özil is of Turkish descent, but was born in Gelsenkirchen, about as far from Turkey as you can get in Germany. Perhaps it's possible he'd like to play there one day, but it wouldn't be a homecoming, not entirely. Besiktas isn't in the Champions League this year, which would make it an odd landing spot for a great player like Özil.

This is simply not a move that makes sense on any level. If you saw it, and your first reaction was to laugh, you were correct. Feel free to continue doing so.