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Southampton rejects Manchester United bid on Schneiderlin

The Arsenal target is staying put – for the moment.

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

Southampton manager Ronald Koeman says the club received a bid from Manchester United for midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin, but rejected said bid as it didn't meet the Saints' valuation of the player. As Koeman told the BBC:

Two weeks ago we had a bid from United but it was not the bid we expected. It wasn't serious and no bids today.

The Daily Mail claims the United bid was £20 million, which sounds about right. One way or the other, Koeman would like to get the situation sorted out sooner rather than later.

If there is any business then I hope it will be soon because it is best for the player, best for us and we have to think about ourselves if we sell the player.

He will travel tomorrow with the team. It may be difficult as everybody knows he'd like to move. But if there is no bid close to what we expect then he's a Southampton player.

I can't imagine Schneiderlin starting the season at Southampton, but I'm also not sure that I can see a lot of teams wanting to go too far over the £20 million threshold for him. Certainly I wouldn't see Arsenal going far past that number. If Saints want £25 million it's a possibility, but anything £30 million and over is unlikely.