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Arsenal supposedly asking after Sergio Busquets

Well, that would be one way of solving The Midfield Problem™.

-falls over-
-falls over-
Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Most Arsenal fans would like to make an addition in midfield this summer; Francis Coquelin was effective last season and Mikel Arteta for the last few before that, but both have question marks that could be eliminated by a top-level holding midfield addition. Few even among the Coquelin and Arteta loyalist camps would reject such a signing, and pretty much everyone else would be quite pleased if a new midfielder came in.

Which is probably why newspapers like the Metro and the Express are reporting a rumor that Arsenal are after Barcelona's star midfielder and Olympic-level diver Sergio Busquets. Express cites a Spanish paper (Sport) who claims that Arsène Wenger has requested funds for a £24 million purchase to shore up the midfield. Barcelona has no interest in selling even in this report, which would mean the player would have to agitate for a move.

The chances of this happening are slim. If it happens there's a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong way to go, so I'd advise against getting too excited right now. But hey, if it did happen, there aren't a lot of better choices to fill the DM hole. So hopefully it happens!