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Wojciech Szczesny takes to Instagram to greet Roma fans

It appears his loan is actually happening.

"I'm Wojciech Szczesny, and I approve this message."
"I'm Wojciech Szczesny, and I approve this message."
Clive Mason/Getty Images

Wojciech Szczesny sent a greeting to fans of AS Roma this evening via Instagram, saying that he'd be leaving Arsenal tomorrow to join the Italian club.

Ciao Giallorossi!! ⚽️

A video posted by Wojciech Szczesny (@wojciechszczesny1) on

In the video – taken in the back of a car possibly on the way home from watching the last game of the Emirates Cup today – Szczesny says "I am very happy, because I am going to Roma tomorrow. I’ll see you soon." All signs point towards the deal being a straight-up loan, rather than a permanent transfer or even a loan with an option to buy.

With the purchase of Petr Čech and the standout performances of Emiliano Martinez so far this preseason, as well as the continued employment of David Ospina (who we haven't seen in preseason, presumably due to his participation in Copa America this summer), Szczesny's departure hopefully won't hit the team hard – even if it's only for a year.