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Mathieu Flamini is probably leaving Arsenal (again)

This time, I think it's going to be a little bit less stressful.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Mathieu Flamini left Arsenal in 2008. He came back a few years ago, when there was a desperate need at midfield, and did his job to varying degrees of success. Of late the amount of success has been dwindling, to the extent that people seem like they'd be excited not to see him play for Arsenal anymore.

Well, good news.

Rumors abound that Flamini is on his way to Galatasaray, and for the first time in his career – no joke – there might actually be a transfer fee involved (yes, every time Flamini has moved in his career, it's been on a free transfer). The supposed fee is €4 million (or £2.8 million).

Despite the fact that his recent contributions have been limited mostly to shouting and pointing, and to trying to injure opposition players, Flamini's Arsenal career has been more than that. Hell, he played in a Champions League final for us. But this is still the right move for 2015, no matter what the situation in 2006 was. So if this deal goes through, farewell Mathieu, and feel free to try to decapitate Robin van Persie the first time you face Fenerbahçe.