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Mesut Özil isn't going anywhere

Evidently this is a rumor? I don't know.

"say cheese, scumbags"
"say cheese, scumbags"
Clive Rose/Getty Images

I found out today that there's been reports that Mesut Özil wants to leave Arsenal, and that he wants to do it to move to Juventus. This would happen, according to Tuttosport in Italy, only if Juve was to sell either Paul Pogba or Arturo Vidal. This, of course, sounds kind of crazy to me – why would Arsenal sell one of their best (and most expensive) players, now in the era of good feeling and finance?

Well, Arsène Wenger evidently agrees.

Ozil is our player, he will remain our player and he wants to remain our player. It is a big season for him because he had a difficult start last year and in the second part of the season he was very important. Ozil understands the rhythms of English football and he has improved his defensive attitude. He works hard, and offensively he is a top class player.

I suppose in soccer at this point anything can happen, but you'd have to do a lot of convincing to talk me into believing this one, even without Wenger's pretty strong rebuttal. It just doesn't make any sense, and has all the touches of one of those transfer rumors that's purely an invention of the media. I'm not going to pay it any mind unless it pops up again from a much more reliable source.