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Petr Čech tweets goodbye to Chelsea and fans

The Czech goalkeeper crosses the blue-red London divide with honor.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

I've never really heard a bad word said about new Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Čech, even though he's spent over a decade on the other side of one of Arsenal's more contentious rivalries. That's part of the reason I'm pleased he's left Chelsea to play for us – after all the parts about being a really good goalkeeper. In his final moments with Chelsea, he showed his class again.

Just before announcing that he had signed for Arsenal, he tweeted this goodbye to Chelsea, its fans, and the people at the club:

He makes a special point to thank Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich for allowing him to stay in the Premier League and in London, which basically confirms the reports over the past few weeks that Abramovich felt Čech should be honored for his service to the club rather than dumped off on Paris Saint-Germain or something. All in all, good stuff here.