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Arsenal, agent charged by FA in Calum Chambers deal

Well, this certainly came out of nowhere.

Calum, in happier times
Calum, in happier times
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

The FA have charged Arsenal with a breach of regulations surrounding football agents in the transfer of Calum Chambers from Southampton last summer. Agent Alan Middleton has also been charged in connection with the Chambers deal. There's no mention of what really happened or what rules were violated, but based on what's public I would guess it probably involved either Arsenal or the agent for the player contacting the other party before they were legally supposed to. If that's the case (again, that's an educated guess on my part), it must have been particularly egregious, because my understanding is that happens in practically every major deal done in Europe. If not, maybe someone said a bad word while they were negotiating. I hear the FA's cracking down on that.

Arsenal maintains that they acted "in good faith," and after asking for an extension have until June 26th to officially respond to the charge. We'll have to wait until at least then to know anything about a possible punishment. I'm hoping they rule that Chambers is never allowed to play as a right back again and just leave it at that.