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Arsenal Transfer Rumor Roundup: Jackson Martinez and Entire Juventus Midfield Edition

There's also more to feed the #WelcomeVidal beast. All aboard this week's edition of Spendy Wednesday!

You can't spell summer transfer window without Porto.
You can't spell summer transfer window without Porto.
Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Has the first domino fallen in Arsenal's Summer 2015 Transfer Window? If you don't count the move of 2014 Summer Transfer Window MVP Sami Khedira to Juventus and the potential Jenga-style unsettling that might happen in Torino, consider Jackson Martinez. The Colombian forward, currently plying his professional trade for FC Porto -- one of the most invoked teams in Summer Transfer Window talks -- is allegedly contemplating a move to either Arsenal or Liverpool.

And according to O Jogo, Jackson has already made his decision, and the announcement is imminent. Or, as Google Translate puts it, "Jackson Martínez is even output and the fate of the Colombian striker should even be known yet this week. For the transfer of the player is officially missing only hit small details." You nailed it, Google Translate! Apparently, 35 million euros is all it will take for the man that is "often named Cha Cha Cha for his dance-like moves on the pitch," according to Wikipedia. Jackson scored 32 goals in 41 matches for the runner-ups in this year's top-flight Portuguese league campaign. The Mirror went Captain Obvious a few days ago by saying that Arsenal would have to unload Lukas Podolski, Joel Campbell, and Yaya Sanogo to accommodate his salary -- while there are other couch-cushions that Arsenal could probably dig under to find the salary to pay Jackson, it's indeed likely that Arsenal would unload three non-homegrown strikers who were all loaned out during the '14-15 season.

There's also "news" about a tug-of-war involving a Juventus midfielder -- but not the one you're thinking of! Or that other one you're thinking of! According to The Week (The What?), "There's a tug of war brewing between Arsenal and Liverpool with Juventus midfielder Claudio Marchisio caught in the middle." In addition to making "tug-of-war" my favorite transfer cliche of the week, the article notes that with only a year remaining on his contract and his negotiations "stalling," that both Premier League teams are salivating ... even though the article later goes on to quote his father and agent (yes, they're one in the same; that seems like a terrible idea) as saying that Marchisio doesn't want to leave his boyhood club. As in, he's been part of the Juve youth system since age 7, and his entire 10-years-plus pro career (aside from a loan year early in his career) has been in black-and-white.

But what of Arturo Vidal, early candidate for Summer Transfer Window 2015 MVP? Italian site Corriere Della Sera noted that Vidal might be more likely to depart than teammate Paul Pogba, sort of. The site said (according, again, to the awesome Google Translate):

And then they have to watch out for situations Vidal and Pogba. For the French it seems possible an additional year at Juventus, although his agent, Mino Raiola, has again suggested the doubt before the final. For the Chilean, however, bullies are back sirens of Real Madrid and English, in front of Arsenal and Manchester United.

This somehow was converted in Transfer Rumor Translate, a program that can be called up by pointing your browser to the Mirror, as:

Arsenal have been handed a boost in their chase of Juventus star Arturo Vidal. Reports in Italy say the midfielder will be available for £29million, with the Old Lady more determined to hold on to Paul Pogba. Corriere della Sera say Juve have prioritised the Frenchman, with the Gunners known to be keen on Vidal. The Chilean has also been linked to Manchester United and Chelsea, and could spark a bidding war between the Premier League's big hitters.

What's more confusing is that most of the #WelcomeVidal Twitter searches this week refer to an ACTUAL Vidal signing -- namely, the former Sevilla man being sucked into the giant vacuum of La Liga emerging talent that is FC Barcelona.

SPENDY SEZ: Spendy is disconsolate over the loss of Sammy Kidra, who he spent all last summer considering, and is unavailable for comment this week.