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Palermo really want to sell Arsenal target Paulo Dybala

The young striker is almost definitely on the way out the door.

his jazz hands are on point, at least
his jazz hands are on point, at least
Dino Panato/Getty Images

If you've been an Arsenal fan for more than, like, a year, you're probably used to a certain amount of difficulty in the transfer market. Lots of that was down to various internal things that are boring to talk about now, but one problem has always persisted: teams usually don't want to sell their good players.

Well, evidently Palermo isn't most teams.

Their striker, Paulo Dybala (a 21-year-old, by the way) scored 13 times and had 10 assists this season, and bigger teams have come calling. Rather than standing in the way, Palermo's president Maurizio Zamparini appears to be more than ready to cash in. He's gone as far as to tell manager Giuseppe Iachini to rest Dybala for the rest of the season to prevent an injury that could affect a possible deal:

I have asked Iachini not to play Dybala in these last few games. It's possible that in the next eight to 10 days we will sell the player, and I want to avoid injuries in this very delicate phase.

There is strong interest in him. In Italy there's Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan. Meanwhile, in Europe there's Paris Saint-Germain and Arsenal, as well as Manchester City, who would like to try and get him but must sell first for financial fair play.

So there we are. Dybala was offered an extension earlier in the season and rejected it, so they're set to sell. Metro claims the price will be somewhere around £29 million. Maybe we'll match that in the next week-and-a-half! We'll see if anyone else does as well.