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Embattled pair wants to stay at Arsenal

These colors don't run!

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

It hasn't been the best of seasons for either Wojciech Szczesny or Theo Walcott. The latter returned from a long knee injury only to suffer a few other injuries and generally find himself out of the team when healthy. The former had a bad game against Southampton, celebrated with a cigarette, and got benched for four months. But for both of them, the FA Cup win against Aston Villa was a bit of a revival – Walcott scored Arsenal's first goal, and Szczesny kept a clean sheet. There have been rumors surrounding the departure of both players but that revival may be more than a one-time event, if you ask them.

Walcott's contract has only a year left, which could mean that he's on the way out this summer, but he sounds like he's committed to getting the situation resolved.

In more words:

I am sure things will get resolved. I just want to enjoy today. I have got England coming up and then we can think about that process, but it will take time, I am sure.

I've always liked Theo a lot, and in his last two starts he's scored four goals. He's also looked good doing it, playing through the middle, and that opens up a lot of possibilities for him and for the team. If he wants to stay, I would imagine he and the team will be able to make it work.

Szczesny's case is a little different, as it seems pretty clear he was benched less because of performances (though his last one as first-choice keeper was atrocious) and more because of discipline. But on Facebook today Szczesny posted about the FA Cup celebrations and his future.

Its been a long season for me but I promise to work my socks off to make it better next season and make all The Gunners around the world proud again!

Also a massive Thank You to my team mates and the coaching staff at Arsenal FC for their incredible support during difficult times.

And a big well done to the media who almost managed to convince people that I could acctually leave my home and the people I love! Well,you're gonna have to put up with me for many many years ;)

If he had been kept out of the final yesterday, I'd have said that's a very strong sign that he wasn't staying. He did, so now I'm really not sure what the deal is. As with Walcott, I'm hopeful that Szczesny will stay, but less certain. It looks like he's all-in, though.