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Arsenal target Paulo Dybala announces he'll join Juventus

Fine, I didn't even want you here.

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

For a little bit a few weeks ago, Palermo striker Paulo Dybala was linked as a possible Arsenal transfer. The rumors dies down there pretty quickly, as it seemed the player himself was leaning toward remaining in Italy rather than venturing out of the peninsula, and lo, it appears that he has in fact made that decision somewhat official. After Palermo's game today, Dybala announced that he'll be joining Juventus this summer.

From SB Nation's Conor Dowley:

The deal for the 21-year-old Argentine is believed to €28 million, plus likely performance-related bonuses and a sell-on clause based on how much profit Juventus make from a future sale. Palermo chairman Mauricio Zamparini was demanding €40m at the start of negotiations, and he might get close to that value between the incentives and some player exchanges.

It sounds like the player wanted the move, so we probably weren't ever really fully in it anyway. Either way, I'm cool with spending money, but at the moment that sounds like quite a lot for a player who's not 100% proven at the top level. He'll probably end up being amazing, but he's still quite young and lacks some experience, so if the full price for him was going to end up being almost as much as we paid for Alexis Sanchez, I'm not going to whine about Arsenal not doing it.