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Cazorla: I haven't talked to Atletico Madrid

The Arsenal midfielder says he has no plans to leave.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Over the past couple of years, one of the most persistent single Arsenal transfer rumors has been that Santi Cazorla is on his way out, and on to Atletico Madrid. There's probably some level of truth to the interest -- the rumor's been around too long for it to just be a random thing, it seems like -- but it hasn't happened yet, and according to the Spaniard himself, if it's happening this summer he doesn't know anything about it. He spoke with Marca (in Spanish, so excuse the mediocrity of the Google Translate-d quotes to follow):

More of the same rumors [regarding a move to Atletico Madrid]. No one has called me. I have a one year contract, and we will see what Arsenal think about the possibility of extending the contract. I do not plan on anything else for now.

Más de lo mismo, rumores. A mí nadie me ha llamado. Me queda un año de contrato y vamos a ver qué opina el Arsenal con respecto a la posibilidad de ampliar el contrato. No me planteo otra cosa por ahora.

I tried to clean that up as best as possible, and there's the original Spanish for those among us who can speak multiple languages. But it looks to me like Santi Cazorla has an interest not only in staying at Arsenal next season, but long-term. After the amazing form he's been in this season and the class he's shown on the field since coming over from Malaga a few years ago, I'm quite pleased to hear that.