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Arsenal transfer roundup: Schneiderlin, Subotic, and Cech on radar

We're getting started early this year.

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Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

It's March, which means it's the absolute dead zone for transfers. January is past, and summer's about as far away. But it looks like some of the less unreliable sources are starting to get to work, so we might as well get to it. It's spring training for the umpires too, after all.

First off, it's over to the Mirror's John Cross. He says we're planning a "summer shake-up" that includes acquiring Morgan Schneiderlin from Southampton, and Petr Cech from Chelsea. Cech is 32 and Chelsea probably don't want to sell to us, but he'd like to leave (presumably) to get first-team football. Based on those variables it's impossible to guess how much he'd cost. Schneiderlin's contract isn't up until 2017 and, while he seemed to want out last summer as the exodus occurred, who knows what he wants now that Soton's challenging for a Champions League place. Interest in both makes sense, but availability is an issue.

I'm taking Jeremy Wilson's report in the Telegraph that we're going after Neven Subotic a little more seriously. Borussia Dortmund will probably sell because they'll always sell, and Subotic might be a bit jaded on BVB after this season's struggles. Unless, of course, they get hot and run deep in the Champions League again. He's also 26 years old, which is a great time to buy. Generally I also just trust Wilson a little more as well on things like this, so file Subotic in the "ehhhhhh?" column.

The most important thing to consider, though, is the date. March 11. A lot can change between now and the day the transfer window opens, and even more can change before it closes again. Keep your grains of salt ready.