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Cross: Elneny deal should be done within days

The Mirror says the transfer is nearly complete.

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

According to the Mirror's John Cross, Arsenal have only to cross the T's and dot the I's to complete the transfer of Mohamed Elneny. Cross says the Egyptian midfielder underwent a medical exam on Tuesday (that's today, friends) and if he passes it as expected, the only hurdle left to clear will be the acquisition of Elneny's work permit. Due to the player's time with his national team and experience at Basel, the permit should also not be an issue. If all goes smoothly, the club expects to announce Elneny within a matter of days.

Cross says the transfer fee will be approximately £5 million, with weekly wages agreed with the player at £60,000 a week. If that's all accurate, the deal shouldn't end up to be a particularly expensive one, which is a nice bonus.

It's expected that Elneny will be the only move made in January, with Cross claiming that the club will wait until summer to move on another midfielder and possibly a striker due to "very little value or options [being] on offer now." But hey, we're close to one deal, it looks like!