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Inter Milan star linked with Arsenal; probably not going to happen

It's the first day of December, which means we here at The Short Fuse will spend the next month swatting away impossible transfer rumors.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

According to, and picked up by such reputable English journalism outlets such as talkSPORT and the Metro, Arsenal is rumored to be interested in Inter Milan forward Mauro Icardi, with a transfer fee of £35 million being bandied back and forth:

Last season was very full for Mauro Icardi , striker who currently defends the interests of Inter Milan and the reality is that today the front may be on the agenda of several teams, such as the Arsenal.


The player might be willing to change teams once the season ends, so that would be willing to hear the proposal need to get him the Arsenal and if it is interesting to him could come to accept the offer, so that could to change teams.

Now, don't let me be the one to pop your transfer rumor dreams, but let's just say this one is, at the moment, not going to happen in January, and probably not going to ever happen. Namely, until there's someone else other than reporting on such a move, the source of the rumor is simply one not to be trusted.

Of course, many transfer rumors that actually become Real Life Transfers initially originate from such bottom-of-the-barrel journalism depths. It's that there are far more reputable Arsenal sources that have accurately reported on player movement than these current transfer rumor sources who haven't reported on this target at the moment, so we here at The Short Fuse won't be holding our breath regarding Mauro Icardi unless those trusted sources start to make similar noise.