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Meet Danny Welbeck: Arsenal's newest player's first interview

Want to hear Danny Welbeck say some things whilst wearing an Arsenal shirt? You're in luck!

"hey buddy"
"hey buddy"
Ian Walton

The first everything with a new signing is fun, from the first tweet to the first pictures to the first interview to the first game. The international break is postponing the latter for ex-member of Manchester United Danny Welbeck right now, so we're just going to have to make do with the interview for the moment.

He seems pretty happy to be here!

It's great to be a part of this club and it's a team that I've always watched in the Premier League. I've envisaged myself playing in this team before. For it to finally happen is very exciting...I believe the style of play the manager's got and the boys play and with the magnificent players in midfield slotting balls through, I can run on to the end of those balls and slot them away.

I was going to make a comment about "envisaged" being a weird word to use there, but its definition is literally what he's saying here so I guess I've been bantered off here. Anyway, he thinks his style's going to fit in really well at Arsenal, and from what I've seen of him, I fully agree.

I'd like to bring pace and power to the game. At Arsenal, we're not short of combination football and I like to join in on that and get in behind defenders and try to get shots off at goal. I want to score some goals and help the team to achieve the right results.

The sort of elephant in the room: there's no love lost between Arsenal and Manchester United, and as a born-and-bred son of Manchester, things could get awkward. But it doesn't appear our man Danny thinks so.

Things move on in life and I think you've really got to make the right decision in the situation that you're in at that moment in time. I really do believe that coming to Arsenal is the right the end of the day I'm an Arsenal player and I couldn't be any happier at the moment.

All the right things: said. Now let's get him in a kit and onto the field, please.