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Ryo Miyaichi goes to FC Twente on loan

The Japanese winger also signed a contract extension with Arsenal.

Jamie McDonald

Ryo Miyaichi hasn't had the best Arsenal career so far, but on a loan to Feyenoord a few years ago he impressed -- so he's heading back to the Eredivisie to ply his trade at FC Twente. He'll play there on a season-long loan. He has, in addition, signed an extension to his contract with Arsenal.

This way, at the very least Arsenal guarantees some kind of fee if Ryo does end up leaving Arsenal, and hey, if he plays well enough to come back, then we can do that too. He's been hurt a lot, which certainly hasn't helped his development, so maybe a run of healthy games in a league he's familiar with will get him back to where he was before.

Also I just looked at FC Twente's roster, and former Arsenal player Kyle Ebecilio is there, so maybe that will help him in some manner. I don't know how, I just thought you might be interested in a Kyle Ebecilio update.