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Wenger: I wish to sign a player

We're trying to do stuff, or something.

Shaun Botterill

Arsene Wenger has said he wants to bring in a player before the transfer deadline, in an interview with Italian journalists at the Match for Peace, some charity event that the Pope is putting on today.

I am not in Rome for transfer business, but until the end things can still happen. At the moment there’s nothing, though...What is my last wish on the transfer market? To sign a player before midnight.

I don't really know what he means when he says "at the moment there's nothing," seeing as there's less than three hours left before the window closes and I really have a feeling we're not going to try to whip up a transfer deal in three hours. But hey, maybe it's possible?

Also, why the hell someone thought it was a good idea to schedule a soccer charity event for the day the transfer window closes, I have no idea. I guess the Pope doesn't follow the tabloids.