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Report: Gap between Sporting and Arsenal on Carvalho could "close fast"

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Is Tony Leen the Kike Marin to William Carvalho's Alexis Sanchez? We're hoping so.

who's the other guy, though
who's the other guy, though
Christopher Lee

Tony Leen, he of the supposed Inside Source At Arsenal, appears to have some inside sources elsewhere as well, as he said on Twitter earlier today that he's hearing from both sides that a deal for William Carvalho could be moving forward - and relatively quickly, too.

If accurate, this would mean that the O Jogo report from earlier today that Arsenal hoped to have the player signed by week's end are also accurate. The quotes about both sides being willing to make a deal, and about negotiation, are particularly comforting. If the clubs are both eager to make a deal, that gets two of the main parties on the same page (that is, the one we want them to be on). As this Guardian profile from before the World Cup says, Carvalho was an Arsenal fan as a youngster, and that could help him turn his key.

[In 2004], Carvalho played as a No10 and loved Thierry Henry, becoming an Arsenal fan. Over the years, he started going back in midfield and you can see him as a mix between Yaya Touré and the classical Patrick Vieira.

So all we'd have to do is get agent Jorge Mendes out of the way, and a deal could be done. Again, that's not an easy task. But again (again), this summer has been full of atypical Arsenal transfer dealings. This could top it all off quite nicely. Hopefully this report is accurate, and things are moving forward. Because I'd like to have William Carvalho.