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Is Arsenal about to seal Sami Khedira deal?

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There's a report bouncing around Twitter that raises the question. So...let's answer it.


There hasn't been a lot of talk about Sami Khedira around these parts lately, and that's mostly because there hasn't been a lot of Khedira talk (in terms of Arsenal) anywhere of note at all. But Arsene Wenger was asked about him over the weekend, and you wouldn't believe what happened next.

Wenger insisted that he hadn't tabled an offer for Khedira yet, saying: "You want me always to buy more. Where do I put them all?"

But when quizzed about whether he had made an enquiry about the player, he added: "What is enquire for you? But If I read the newspapers, he is available. Thank you."

That's from this article from the Express, which claims "Arsene Wenger hints on a £30m bid for Real Madrid's Sami Khedira." I'm...not sure that's an accurate representation of what happened there.

There's also this, from writer Roberto Bonafont.

What's that?

Arsenal finishing negotiations with Sami Khedira today and tomorrow. The German midfielder's agent is in England.

Here's the problem. Bonafont isn't really reliable, despite the fact that it's blowing up on Twitter. He also was sort of the fountainhead of the Juan Quintero rumor last week, which was promptly shot down by Arsene Wenger. I'm really not ready to get on the Bonafont Express again just yet. He might be right this time, but I'm not taking his word as gospel.

So the answer to my original question is no, Arsenal are probably not about to sign Sami Khedira. Sorry, guys.