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Report: Arsenal activate Loic Remy release clause

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According to a supposedly well-placed reporter, Arsenal fully join Chelsea in the race for the striker.

sure, whatever, I guess
sure, whatever, I guess
Steve Bardens

At this point, I think it's safe to say the transfer window is entering the homestretch, because we're starting to get to the part where stuff starts to go down -- or at least appear that it's going down, I suppose. According to David McIntyre in West London Sport (which evidently he owns, which must be nice), Arsenal have triggered Loic Remy's release clause, meaning they would go to battle against Chelsea to see who can get the player on board.

McIntyre appears to be at least a mildly reliable source. According to this intrepid Queens Park Rangers fan, he "breaks all [their] transfer news," and he's ex-BBC, who we know can't get anything wrong. That's about all I've got, so I'm not about to go out on a limb for this one.

It's certainly possible that this is untrue, and just Remy's agent trying to stir stuff up to get Chelsea to pony up some more money. I could honestly go either way on the player, so really I wouldn't mind that much if it was the case. I also wouldn't mind if we bought him. For the moment at least, it looks like there's some interest. We'll see if it goes anywhere past this story.