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Report: Carvalho interested in Arsenal move

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The midfielder's interest could help Arsenal secure the deal.


Around and around the William Carvalho saga goes, where it stops, who the hell knows? Today's primary update comes to us from ESPN's Miguel Delaney, who reports that Carvalho himself "is hoping" for a move to Arsenal, even though there are other suitors after him including Manchester United. From Delaney:

While tempted by a move to Old Trafford, Carvalho himself is said to favour a side currently in the Champions League, and there is anticipation that Arsenal may move for him before the transfer window closes on Monday.

It's really funny to me that "no, I want to play in the Champions League" is a reason to reject United in favor of Arsenal this season, and long may it continue. The purchase of Daley Blind also fills in a potential slot Carvalho could have filled, though with United's commitment to the three-man defense, there could be a lot of rotation between midfield and the "back line" for players like Blind and, potentially, Carvalho.

ESPN reports that the deal could be done for around £24 million. There's also a report from the far less reliable Wayne Veysey in Goal, who claims that Arsenal have offered £21.3 million in an improved bid for Carvalho and "are now in the final stages of ironing out the complications of his third-party ownership," which has been a concern all along. I'm not typically inclined to believe Veysey, but with O Jogo reporting last week that negotiations were ongoing, maybe he's onto something here.

Man of the Summer Kike Marin weighed in on Twitter as well yesterday, saying that he thinks Arsenal will sign "another player," and that player will be a midfielder and defender. Guess who fits that description? Yeah, Willy C.

One way or the other, this one's probably going to the wire, so I wouldn't expect to hear much until Monday afternoon or evening that actually means anything. With all the complications, I'd have to say I still don't have massive faith this one gets done, but with Dick Law on the case, anything is possible.