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Cazorla: Transfer rumours are "paper talk"

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Despite a story that has been circulating all summer, Santi Cazorla says he is not leaving.

David Rogers

Stories linking Santi Cazorla with a move away to Atlético Madrid have been swirling all summer despite not making much sense. After the departures of David Villa and Diego Costa, Atléti wanting Cazorla made some sense; he is after all, a very good player, though I wonder how he'd fit in the hard pressing system that Diego Simeone employs. Arsenal selling Cazorla, though, made very little sense: despite a tough second season, he is still one of the better players at the club, scored the crucial first goal in the FA Cup comeback and can play multiple positions behind the striker. Talk of increased competition, following the signing of Alexis Sánchez, made little sense either, especially when one considers that Theo Walcott is still absent with injury, Mesut Özil played all summer and Jack Wilshere and Tomas Rosicky routinely get injured.

Still, though, the rumours persisted. Today, though, Cazorla reaffirmed that he will stay at the club next season, telling Spanish radio Cadena Copa:

I've seen that in the papers, but nobody has told me anything personally and the only things I know are from the papers, so I don't know anything.

I'm only focused on training here and preparing well playing with Arsenal. It's paper talk.

I'm well, I have the confidence of everybody, the support of the fans and we hope to have a good season.

While nothing is ever set in stone, this looks fairly definitive. The only way I could see Cazorla leave is if Arsenal were to sign, say, Marco Reus.