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Wenger: No move for Juan Fernando Quintero

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No move for Quintero says the boss

Adam Pretty

Well, that ended very quickly. After a few days of swirling speculation that Arsenal might be interested in the Colombian star and Porto's midfield dazzler Juan Fernando Quintero, Arsene Wenger has quickly moved to squash the rumor.

Reported to be "flying in" to London to hold talks by the Mirror, other outlets went as far as to say that the attacking midfielder had already completed his move to Arsenal in a frantic few days on social media. During the press conference for the Emirates Cup, asked about the possibility of buying Quintero, Wenger was blunt in saying "That is wrong."

He did of course leave room for speculation, predicting that the period from August 15th to the 30th would be especially busy in the window and that he was open to make more moves.

To be sensible, with the news that Cazorla was staying and the absurd numbers of attacking midfielders already at our disposal, a move for Quintero should have never been on the books. Now, if only there was a way to get back the hours spent on Youtube scouting and watching the Colombia national team dance.