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Arsenal close in on Alexis Sanchez

While reports of a done deal are premature, Arsenal are closing in on Alexis Sanchez

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Clive Rose

Arsenal are closing in on Barcelona forward Alexis Sanchez. Reports on Sunday indicated that the clubs had agreed a fee, slightly north of €40m (£32m), but these reports seemed to originate from a article, which makes their veracity somewhat doubtful. There has been, though, a lot of smoke from Chilean journalists talking about Sanchez's closeness to an Arsenal deal, which corroborates with the latest report in the British media.

What Arsenal do feel assured of, though, is Sanchez's preference to join the club other the other interested party, Liverpool. Jeremy Wilson's latest report in the Telegraph, from yesterday, mentions the £32m fee, and reports that Sanchez has agreed a deal in principle with Arsenal. While there is nothing that is completely certain about the price and timing of the deal, what does seem to be fairly true is that Sanchez has a preference for Arsenal over Liverpool, and Arsenal and Barcelona are not far off from agreeing a deal. For everyone's sake, but not least for the frail nerves of Arsenal fans, let's all hope the transfer in concluded this week.