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Update: Arsenal close to securing Debuchy

Arsenal are about to sign Newcastle United's 28-year old right back

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Alexandre Loureiro

Following France's quarter-final defeat yesterday against Germany, Arsenal's signing of Mathieu Debuchy has been moved forward. According to a number of French journalists, talks have gone well, and Debuchy may or may not have confirmed the move to journalists following yesterday's quarter-final. In absence of such information, L'Equipe's report will have to do. L'Equipe write that Debuchy will finalise the transfer after his return from the World Cup, with Arsenal and Newcastle agreeing on a fee close to €10m, or about £8m.

As one may have seen watching France, Debuchy can be somewhat shaky defensively. He has shown, though, a willingness to not only get forward, but also the energy and pace to quickly get back into position, something that is important when one considers that even with Theo Walcott fit, Arsenal's right sided player tends to drift well infield. Perhaps, combined with Debuchy's knowledge of the Premier League, played into Arsène Wenger's thinking: it'd be an easier adjustment than for someone such as Serge Aurier. Arsenal may have to sign another energetic midfield player to cover for Debuchy's forward bursts, which makes links with Arturo Vidal, Luiz Gustavo, Morgan Schneiderlin and Lars Bender sensible.