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Calum Chambers shirt number announced

It will not be 36.

Ian Walton

Quite a lot of people had been hoping that Calum Chambers would wear 36. Unfortunately for everyone in the reference business, he has instead been given the #21 shirt, making it the first time an outfield player has worn it since 2004. Arsenal released the information on their Instagram account without realising we all knew it from ArsenalDirect anyway. Coordination, guys! It's important for the brand.

I'm not sure what reference can be made here. Did Harry Potter spend 21 minutes in the Chamber of Secrets? Were there 21 words to open it? You, Arsenal fans, are going to have to come up with this one.

Here, however is one reference: On November 9, it'll be 21 years since 36 Chambers was released, which I think means Calum Chambers is more of a music aficionado than we all realised. That's got to be worth a good portion of the add-on fees alone.