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Arsenal reveal Ospina's shirt number

It's one that you would expect a goal-keeper to have.

Matthias Hangst

For the more traditionalists among us, Arsenal's shirt numbers have been a bit of a nonsense over the past few years. Right backs wearing #3, centre backs wearing #10 and goalkeepers wearing #24. This summer, though, is seeing a return to sensible numbering, with Mathieu Debuchy getting #2, Kieran Gibbs #3, and now David Ospina getting #13:

Emiliano Viviano wore #13 last season, but that doesn't really count. Wojciech Szczesny wore it in 2011-12 but he was really the #1 goalkeeper. Before Szczesny,  the last goalkeeper to wear #13 was Stuart Taylor in 2004-05, following in the footsteps of Alex Manninger and Vince Bartram. I'd be willing to say that Arsenal's trophy drought was down to not having the backup goalkeeper wear #13. 13 is, after all, an unlucky number and if you're going to have Alex Hleb wear it instead of wearing #7, #11 or another midfield number, you're going to not win trophies. So, welcome aboard, David Ospina, and thank you for choosing your right number.