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Arsenal sign Mathieu Debuchy: Quotes from Debuchy, Arsene Wenger

The manager and Arsenal's newest player speak on the transfer.

Matthias Hangst

Arsenal (finally) announced the signing of Mathieu Debuchy yesterday, and while we didn't have quite the blowout coverage that we did for Alexis Sanchez, it does sound like Arsene Wenger was pretty happy to get the guy in.

We are delighted to welcome Mathieu Debuchy to Arsenal Football Club. He has shown he can perform at the highest level with his club sides and also for France. He is a quality defender who has good Premier League experience and I’m confident he will fit in very well with us.

While certainly Debuchy isn't a quality-for-quality replacement for the departed Bacary Sagna, Wenger did discuss their battle for the right-back spot for France.

...They are competitors in the French national team. The obvious replacement for Sagna was Debuchy and he's a player who has experience, he's played in the Premier League and he will also be in competition with Jenkinson, who I expect to move forward as well. There's an interesting fight there but of course he has experience and he's a guy who will bring something to the team with the departure of Sagna. We needed to sign somebody and I think Debuchy is the perfect signing.

Wenger also expanded on the positives of signing a player from inside the league, and adapting to a new team.

He knows what to expect and that's of course a huge advantage. I would like to thank Sagna for his contribution to this club. He had strong mental qualities and we wish him well. But Debuchy is also mentally strong and dedicated, with a big passion like Jenkinson so I think at right back now we are in a strong position.

Debuchy himself is pretty pleased as well, and excited to be moving up in the world a little bit.

I’m very happy to be at Arsenal, and to sign for this big club. I’m very excited to get going...Arsenal are one of the biggest clubs in the whole world. I am very proud to sign for Arsenal and to wear the colours.

Wenger's presence and the lure of the Champions League played a big part in motivating Debuchy to make the move (as, I'm sure, was the pay raise I assume he got).

Everyone knows Arsène Wenger. Everyone knows he’s a great coach so of course, he had a part to play in me coming here...I’ve come here because I really want to play Champions League football again, it’s one of the biggest competitions in the world. Everyone wants to play in it.

He also agreed with Wenger that his Premier League experience would be a massive help in settling in at Arsenal.

It’s a very difficult but exciting league. Every match, every weekend is tough, but it’s fantastic to be able to play in one of the top leagues in the world...I think the settling-in period will be easier. I’ve been playing in the Premier League for a year and a half now so I already know it well, so that will be in my favour.

So yeah, there you go. Welcome to Mathieu. For full video, check here for Wenger's interview and here for Debuchy.