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Your Daily Dose Of Sanchez

It's close.

At the big unveiling, we finally get to see his face
At the big unveiling, we finally get to see his face
Jeff Gross

Remember last year, when first Higuain, then Suarez transfer-sagaed their way in, then right back out, of our lives?  Remember how long and annoying all that was?  This year's very, very different.  Everyone knows Alexis Sanchez is thisclose to being an Arsenal player - somewhere, someone is furiously dotting i's and crossing t's on a contract, and I like to imagine that being done with some sort of quill pen.

Anyway, today's also New Laundry Day at Arsenal, and it was thought that Alexis Sanchez would strut out through the lasers and the fog, accompanied by The Final Countdown, and we'd get both a new player and new clothes on the same day.  Alas, 'tis not to be, sayeth the BBC:

So, there we go. Don't look for Mr. Sanchez at the kit unveiling tonight.  Instead, look for him here.


We love Lee Dixon.  Why?  Because he is Lee Dixon, mostly. But also because he says these things: