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The Cesc Fabregas-to-Arsenal hope has all but forever died

The most trusted source for transfer news and rumors takes his hammer and nails and closes the coffin on this dream for eternity

herp derp
herp derp
David Ramos

There are certain people you should pay very close attention to during transfer season, and the one that seemingly everyone agrees holds the most truth in his words is David Ornstein of the BBC.

A few minutes ago he effectively closed the door on a Cesc Fabregas reunion at Arsenal, while highlighting the areas Arsene Wenger wants to target in the squad, with the following tweets:

So that's that, I guess.

Notice in the first tweet that the interest was solely coming from Fabregas, yet Arsene Wenger declined to reciprocate the idea of a move back.  With his rumored price tag coming close to, or exceeding, £30 million, and Arsenal apparently targeting a Bacary Sagna replacement and a striker - generally the most expensive players on the transfer market - it appears that Wenger has the new Puma money earmarked and allocated and his targets lined up.  And Fabregas was not, and is not, a part of his plans.

While it's good to see we have a pretty firm set of plans for how the summer's going to go, today's bit of news is still hard to accept.  Rumors are that Fabregas and Chelsea are sorting through an agreement, which will invariably do away with nearly every bit of goodwill he had left with Arsenal supporters following his move to Barcelona three years ago.  And that makes me sad, since I love the kid as much as I do other Arsenal legends.  His story wasn't supposed to end with him coming back to play in England for another club, if the rumors play out into reality.  He wasn't supposed to play for a rival of ours, getting stuck in challenges versus our players.  He wasn't supposed to set up goals for players in blue and get adulation from The Shed End.

But life goes on.  First and foremost, I support the badge on the shirt and that will never, ever change.  I trust Wenger to do right this summer and address the needs of the squad to make us title contenders this upcoming season, and if he feels that we can become a stronger side without Fabregas in it, then I will follow along in his logic and beliefs.

It won't make seeing Cesc in another shirt that much easier, though.