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Bacary Sagna signs with Manchester City

Adios, old chap.

not a bad way to go out, tho
not a bad way to go out, tho
Clive Mason

We already knew Bacary Sagna wasn't going to be at Arsenal next year - he'd said as much - but there was still a little bit of mystery as to where he would end up. Sadly, he's going to be staying in England, as Manchester City have announced his signing.

Sagna came to Arsenal from Auxerre in 2007, not too long after Lauren's departure. He was a stalwart of the back line for basically his entire Arsenal career, and one of the team's most underappreciated players for much of it as well. He played with heart and strength, and represented Arsenal well.

Even in leaving he's acted with an appropriate amount of class and, while I certainly wish he wasn't moving to a rival club, it's hard for me to really wish him ill, as I have some other departing players in the past. The guy deserves to get paid, he's earned it.

Good bye, Bacary. You were awesome, and you didn't like Tottenham. That's good enough for me.