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Arsenal on the brink of their first summer signing?

According to one source, the move will see a former Gunner back in north London

Juan Manuel Serrano Arce

In what could be the first move of the summer for Arsenal and manager Arsene WengerKike Martin has tweeting out that the club has activated the buy back clause of Real Sociedad forward/winger Carlos Vela:

Translated to English, that reads "Real Sociedad president have confirmed Arsenal have activated the buy-back clause for Vela."

While it kinda sounds a lot like someone doing Kike's bidding, there's also this from Inside Spanish Football:

Aperribay was hoping to work out a deal before 1st July to acquire the rights, as Arsenal’s permanent buy-back option for €4.2 million expires at the start of the summer transfer window.

However, upon arrival back in San Sebastian, Aperribay announced, via Voz Populi’s Kike Marin, that Arsenal had informed the Basque side that they will be activating the buy-back option for the 25-year-old.

"Arsenal have informed us that Vela would be with them next season."

Going back to previous conversations we've had in this pages, a Vela purchase would be a very wise and shrewd move.  He's technically gifted, capable of playing both wings and center forward while also possessing an ability to put the ball past the keeper on a somewhat fairly regular basis.  Add in the fact that we can buy him back all for the tidy sum of €4.2 million (£3.4 million) and that his market value - and others who possess the same skill sets and production - at the moment is exponentially higher makes this move a virtual no-brainer.

Of course, we'll wait to hear more from more respectable sources, but in the meantime I wouldn't fault you if you transferred Vela to your FIFA Arsenal squads this afternoon.