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Do you expect quick signings from Arsenal this summer?

If you do, well, I have some news to share for you, and you might need to take a seat before we dive into Arsene Wenger's comments today

Shaun Botterill

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, when asked about this summer's transfer window and potential targets coming in, offered up a very typical Arsene Wenger Discussing the Potential New Arrivals comment:

In my experience, in a World Cup year, the transfer business does not get done early.

I know how you're feeling and reacting.  Shocked, right?

I'm of the mind that as long as new arrivals are brought in, then I'm satisfied.  Of course, I know many of you feel otherwise.  There were many highly-emotional discussions conducted here last summer on whether he was dragging his heels and failing at his job of bringing in transfers, with only Yaya Sanogo and Mathieu Flamini added to the squad by the time Deadline Day arrived.  Then Mesut Ozil arrived with minutes to spare before the window closed, we collectively shat out pants and life was good.  That is, until Abou Diaby touched everyone on the forehead and transmitted the deadly Abou Diaby Get Hurt Lots Sad Time virus.

That said, the World Cup doesn't end until mid-July, and players in Brazil will be focused on that event.  While transfers might not get done early this summer, I do expect many transfers to happen in a relatively short time period, given that there's only four weeks between the final and the start of the next EPL season.  Where Arsenal fit into that picture, and the targets they want, is up to Arsene.  Just don't expect movement to occur quickly.