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Report: Sagna to leave this summer

According to a report, Ivan Gazdis has revealed that Bacary Sagna is set to leave the club this summer

Ian Walton

It's something we all feared and actively prayed against, but according to a report coming from a fan meeting with Ivan Gazidis in Bulgaria, it seems that Mr. Reliable is set to depart the club after 8 years of service. Everyone was aware of the difficult contract situation of Bacary Sagna --with the club offering numerous extensions that were turned down by the player and his agent-- but we had been optimistic that the love between the player and the club would help in coming to an agreement. Unfortunately, it seems that it is not the case.

If true, this is sad news for all of us. Sagna is one of the hardest workers at the club, a great fullback even in his thirties and a man who goes about his business with little fuss. When he broke his leg a few years ago, the fans were devastated and showered him with love and good will, giving him a hero's welcome when he finally returned.

If the report (which can be found in full here, in Bulgarian) is accurate, Sagna and his lovely family will be dearly missed.