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Morgan Schneiderlin likes the Champions League, evidently

Though to be fair, most people seem to.

as God is my witness if we get him and keep these creepy masks I'll stage a protest
as God is my witness if we get him and keep these creepy masks I'll stage a protest
Clive Rose

Morgan Schneiderlin is a pretty fair country ballplayer, and as such he's been called into the reserve portion of France's World Cup squad. Now that the club season is drawing to a close the national teams are coalescing in their various camps, and that leads to Press Conferences, and those lead to Quotes About Transfers. Schneiderlin has been a rumored target of a few teams, including Arsenal - where he'd likely be a combination replacement/understudy for Mikel Arteta - so...yeah, put two and two together and you can see where this is going. TOOT TOOT ALL ABOARD THE RELATIVELY MEANINGLESS QUOTE TRAIN

There is lots of speculation regarding my future. I still have another three years on my contract. The Champions League is my dream it is true. I cannot say that I want to leave out of respect for Southampton.

That's from Here Is The City, which is some kind of news website that pops up on NewsNow (hey, so do we!). Not convinced? Neither was I, so I looked around a bit and found a similar story in the Express, with a similar-but-not-quite-identical quote. Here:

For my progress and my visibility, it would be better to play for a club who play in the Champions League. I know there is a lot of speculation, but I still have three years on my contract, it does not depend on me. We'll see in the coming weeks.

Probably just a difference in translation, or something. But hey, you know who qualified for the Champions League this year?


You're damn right. And as newly minted Official Trophy Drought Non-Havers, Arsenal's looking preeeeeetty good now, I'm sure. So yeah, go ahead and start ordering your "SCHNEIDERLIN 2" shirts this morning. Should be a done deal any day now.

Any day now.

Really though, Schneiderlin is a good player at a position where we could probably use some help, he's acclimated to the league already, and while he won't be cheap, he's also not going to cost £45 million or something ridiculous like that. And he's only 24 years old, so it's an investment. I'd be pretty pleased to see him come in, personally. But it's not happening for a bit, I'm sure, if it's happening at all.