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Younes Kaboul shoots down Arsenal rumors

The Tottenham defender dismissed the rumors only after realizing how nice it must be to only have league matches to worry about next season

Scored more goals from open play than Roberto Soldado
Scored more goals from open play than Roberto Soldado
Alex Livesey

Looking ahead at the table this season and looking at how fresh all the Liverpool players are from not playing in Europe, Younes Kaboul took time out today to dismiss the rumors that he's set on making the unfathomable switch down the road from White Hart Lane to Ashburton Grove:

While many Gooners might look at this and think "Why, this bloke sucks!", I'd rather not think along those lines if such a move ever came about.  For all I care, I would get on board with his transfer to Arsenal if it means the only action he sees in our shirt is from the bench, taking selfies and shooting rubber bands at Steve Bould's bald head.  I'm not even close to being on the fence if this ever came to fruition.  I will fully, completely support this transfer.

You know why?  Because there is NOTHING in this world that will ignite our rival fanbase more than seeing one of their own players move to greener (nay, redder?), more successful pastures down the street.  We got to enjoy looking at the anger in their faces as Sol Campbell collected trophy-after-trophy in our shirt, and while this Arsenal squad will have a tougher go at collecting silverware we can offer cool, fun things like Club Stability, Higher Wages and Abou Diaby.

The chances of this happening are remote, though, and I'll probably have to play out the scenes his transfer to Arsenal would create in my head.  But go ahead and admit it: the more you think about it, the more you want this to happen.