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Lukas Podolski responds to Tottenham transfer rumor

Using Twitter (shocker, that), the Arsenal forward quickly shuts down a move to the north London neighbors

Paul Gilham

Arsenal forward Lukas Podolski has had a very rocky start to the 2014-15 season.  He's only started for the club once (the loss to Southampton in the Carling Cup), and he's made four other late-match substitute appearances in the league and Champions League.

Rumors are swirling that he's unhappy and looking for a way out of the club in January to find more playing time before he calls it a career, but there's one club you can be assured he won't ever consider moving to in the future:

There are a lot of things about Podolski's game that don't exactly fill me with joy, but there's few on the club who are as loyal and proud to be a part of Arsenal as our goofy, smiling German.  I hope he's able to find a new club in the upcoming transfer window that can give him the playing time he needs, and it's my wish that he's always welcomed back whenever he wants to drop back in for a visit.