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Are Arsenal done for the window?

Some people are reporting that Arsenal are still trying to pull off one more move.

Clive Mason

Take this with a huge grain of salt, because most journalists are saying that Arsenal are doing for the window, but Wayne Veysey, who has been more reliable this summer, and GeoffArsenal are both saying they think Arsenal are still after a striker:

These aren't the most reliable of sources, but there is just an hour left, and sometimes Geoff has info before others. Also, it makes sense: If Arsenal didn't have a contingency plan beyond Ba besides Nicklas Bendtner, that'd be putting a lot of hope into a) Olivier Giroud not getting tired/injured and b) Nicklas Bendtner being a competent striker; both of these options are risky. Arsene Wenger has said he's prepared to overspend, so I wouldn't be surprised to see Arsenal at least try for a striker.