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Reports: Arsenal to bid for Julian Draxler, others

Arsenal are bidding on lots of players. They might get them.

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Alex Grimm

According to a number of reports from Arsenal friendly journalists, Arsenal are set to bid 40m pounds on Schalke's young attacking midfielder, Julian Draxler. The 40m pound fee is consistent with the idea that it would take such a free for Schalke to accept a bid for their prized player. Draxler, 19, scored 13 goals from 39 games last season, and also scored against the United States in June, and has turned down the opportunity to move to one of Chelsea, Real Madrid and Manchester City earlier this summer. Chances are, this is a bid by Arsenal for someone they consider very good and a possible target, but perhaps not one they expect to complete.

That would explain why there's four Real Madrid players Arsenal are interested in signing: Karim Benzema, Angel Di Maria, Mesut Oezil, and, surprisingly, Kaka. Kaka has made public his desire to leave Real Madrid, possibly because he still retains hope in playing for Brazil in this summer's World Cup. However, he is the least desirable option, with the other three preferred, despite the fact that they would need to be convinced to join Arsenal.

However, it seems apparent Arsenal that Arsenal's desire is to sign attacking players, which makes sense given that they have lost Lukas Podolski and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for three months, and that consistently threating to score goals was Arsenal's biggest weakness last season following the departure of Robin van Persie. Yet, it does no good to be continually linked with good players--now, Arsenal just need to sign them.