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BBC: Not buying Suarez to Arsenal is dead

the BBC are contradicting earlier reports that Luis Suarez is staying at Liverpool

Thananuwat Srirasant

According to the BBC,  Luis Suarez has not told Liverpool that he is willing to stay and sign a new contract. The article reports that Liverpool were not contacted by Suarez, which seems to corroborate a report from Kyodo News, where Suarez denies the report from Martin Chaquero. It is worth pointing out that Suarez is in Japan after Uruguay's 4-2 victory over Japan earlier today, and that Kyodo's report has been mentioned on TalkSport radio (I know, but I actually heard it on the way back from Brighton, so, it's not a made up Twitter thing at least).

The BBC article doesn't have much more information, but it does seem odd that if Suarez did want to sign a new contract, Liverpool would be denying that they were contacted by Suarez; for a club that loves to promote itself, one would think they'd either leak or release a club statement with that information.

Either way, this looks set to drag. Bleh.