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Reports: Arsenal agree £14m fee for Luiz Gustavo

The noise around this one is picking up a bit, but we shall see.

Daniel Kopatsch

Yesterday the Metro reported that Arsenal had agreed a £14 million transfer with Bayern Munich for defensive midfielder and sometime defender Luiz Gustavo. Since the story was written by the ever-reliable "Metro Sport Reporter," we didn't take it all that seriously. There's been some noise around Gustavo for a while, but it hadn't yet been interesting.

Just after the friendly against Manchester City ended today, though, two other reporters popped up on the matter.

It looks like one of Nyari's (he of Bundesliga Fanatic, Goal, the New York Times, and Opta) "sources" is the Metro report, but he mentions elsewhere that he's seen it from other reporters as well. Tittle (of beIN Sport, who broadcast today's game, which led to this; he also contributes to the Guardian, Al Jazeera, and the BBC) didn't elaborate.

This would be a good deal and a good player to get, but if we've learned anything this summer, it's that no matter how much noise there is around a possible move, it doesn't mean anything's necessarily actually happened. So we shall see.