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Perez: no offer for Higuain from Arsenal

Real Madrid's president makes the baffling claim, after multiple reports have said just the opposite.

he kind of looks like Matt Harvey, I'm now realizing
he kind of looks like Matt Harvey, I'm now realizing
Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

And now the Gonzalo Higuain possibly takes another left turn. Real Madrid president Florentino Perez told a TV station called Quatro that Arsenal haven't filed the widely reported bid(s) for the Argentinian striker. Via Arseblog:

"We don’t want him to go," he said. "Furthermore, nobody from Arsenal has come here, or made an offer, not €27m, nothing. There is no offer."

If you take that at face value, it's very odd, pretty bewildering, and quite concerning. I don't, but we'll get to that. Kay Murray of beINSport also passed along some AS reports, which can be seen in tweet form below:

As an aside, did you know it's very hard to Google the publication AS? I discovered this about the band !!! this morning as well. Name things better, people. [EDIT: Travis found the AS article, because he's a boss.]

Anyway. As I said, if you take this all at face value, it's not great. I don't think we should do that. I don't think it makes sense for Real Madrid to attempt to force a player who evidently wants to leave to stay there, particularly when they're allegedly trying to buy others at his position and similar ones. It makes more sense if, as we've talked about, this is a negotiating ploy. Arsenal bids for Luis Suarez. Real Madrid tries to keep Higuain. Perez claims there hasn't been a negotiation. Neither team actually wants to do the thing they're (very publicly) trying to do, but they're both trying to force the other's hand.

As I've said already, until someone knowledgeable and competent and without an agenda tells me I should be concerned about this deal, I'm not going to be. All the same, I'll be happier when I've seen Higuain in an Arsenal kit.