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Rodgers: Suarez "understands" Liverpool decision

Luis Suarez reportedly understands Liverpool's decision to not sell him for £40,000,001.

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Stanley Chou

Multiple media outlets in England are reporting that Luis Suarez will not request Premier League intervention in his/Arsenal's clause dispute with Liverpool, allowing for Liverpool's interpretation of his clause to stand, with a Liverpool "source" being quoted:

We've all examined the clause in detail. All it obliges is good faith negotiations about Luis's future. There is absolutely no obligation to sell and that is very clear

Furthermore, Brendan Rodgers has today been quoted as saying Suarez is "happy":

Luis is happy. He totally understands the club's point of view.
He's in a difficult position in terms of not being able to play because of his suspension - he will sit out the first six games and he will miss playing football.
But he's working hard and remains part of the group. He hasn't been moping about.

Despite that, it doesn't mean Suarez will still not try to leave the club; saying Suarez is happy is usual transfer negotiation stuff (does anyone remember Arsene Wenger saying "you cannot sell Nasri and Fabregas and call yourself a big club"?) in a desire to either stall Arsenal's bid until Real Madrid come in (if their bid for Gareth Bale fails) or get Arsenal to spend more money.

Furthermore, despite Suarez not requesting Premier League intervention, it is still reported he wants to leave. Requesting Premier League intervention or making a transfer request would probably lose Suarez his "loyalty bonus", which, being a money-making athlete, he is likely loathe to do. What is clear is that Liverpool are not going to back down easily, and this saga will likely continue into coming weeks, despite Arsene Wenger reportedly hoping to have Suarez by the Emirates Cup.