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Scouting: Higuain sent off after 25 minutes

Gonzalo Higuain wasted a load of everyone's time by getting sent off early in a World Cup qualifier against Colombia.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Arsenal target Gonzalo Higuain played in a CONMEBOL World Cup qualifier against Colombia (starring Monaco's Falcao!). Well, kind of. He started to, but after less than a third of the match was gone, so was he; sent off, unceremoniously. So that's all for tonight's scouting mission, then.

Before he was sent off, Higuain had a couple of chances. First in the tenth minute, when on a ball in the box Higuain attempted a sort-of-three-quarters overhead-ish kick. It fell wide of the goal, but it was an audacious attempt. About six minutes later another chance fell to Higuain, when a Colombian defender muffed a clearance after an Argentina free kick. The failed clearance came to Higuain, whose shot was saved by the keeper, David Ospina. It wasn't a great shot but it also wasn't a shocker, as the goalkeeper saved well.

But the main talking point was the sending off. In the 26th minute Higuain, Ospina, and defender Cristian Zapata came together in the box, and a scuffle ensued. Higuain ran into Ospina going after the ball, and Zapata confronted him while the striker was still on the ground. Higuain kind of kicked out a little, but didn't really make contact with anything, and for some reason both he and Zapata were shown the door. Frankly I'm not sure why either player was sent off, because nothing really happened. It was a soft call, and now I don't get to watch Higuain anymore.

He didn't have a chance to influence the game much, but my sense was that he was doing a good job of reading the Colombian back line to get behind them, and that he was holding play as well when possible. He showed off a bit of his skill (particularly with the scissor kick) but for the most part, he was simply harrying the central defenders and trying to create holes to attack. He didn't succeed, but maybe he would have done so in the 30th minute.

Anyway, nothing I saw here led me to believe that Arsenal shouldn't be interested in him. And it looks like he'll get to skip an international appearance or two, so hey, more rest.