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Higuain: Arsenal "would suit me"

The Metro reports that the Real Madrid striker has at least vague interest in Arsenal.

he's saying something! IS IT ABOUT US?!
he's saying something! IS IT ABOUT US?!
Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Arsenal target Gonzalo Higuain has already said he's leaving Real Madrid this summer, and now he's saying more things. Specifically, this time, he's given basically the most lukewarm endorsement of Arsenal's alleged interest possible. From the Metro:

'There have already been offers and I hope that Madrid do the best for me and themselves,’ said Higuain.

‘Arsenal? They would suit me, I’m still young and I have goals. There are many possibilities. I want to go to a league where I’ll be put to the test.'

So...yeah, he doesn't hate us! We'd suit him! Huzzah!

This isn't much more than him saying that if he were sold here, he wouldn't raise a fuss, which is a good sign. He's already said basically the same thing about Juventus, so this is less a declaration of intent and more a player who's keeping his options open.

The better sign is the revelation (at least I'm pretty sure it's a revelation) that there have been actual offers made for him. It's unsure who's made them, but the tangential connection there between that comment and the one about Arsenal is sure to make people say things. I'm not sure it actually means anything. Frankly, I'm not certain even the player would know who's bidding at this stage.

Jamie Sanderson says in the article that it's "believed" that Higuain would prefer the Premier League over other options, so if that's true it's helpful in this process. But alas, Arsenal are not the only team in the league, so that alone guarantees nothing. All of this together paints a more positive picture for Arsenal's Higuain hopes than a negative one, for sure, but this is really just a step forward in a long process. Move your Higuain piece one space forward on the game board.