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Koscielny is Premier League "addict," happy in team

Just more evidence that the transfer rumors around the defender are dumb as hell.

Julian Finney

So you may remember that interview that Laurent Koscielny gave a while back, where he said stuff about wanting to win stuff and people got all mad. Remember it? Yeah, that was dumb. Then his agent said some stuff as well, and people paid attention to it even though he's an agent and he was about as transparent as, oh, I don't know, a window? That was also dumb.

Because Koscielny can't leave, at least not without some help. You see, he's addicted to the Premier League, and as you know, that's the league in which Arsenal play. So it's really a perfect fit. Some quotes, translated by Arseblog:

There is so much intensity [in the Premier League], so much physical impact. The philosophy of the game is going from one goal to another. Every weekend the games are important when you’re selected.


I feel good as part of the team. There are many different characters as in any professional environment. I am calm and I get along with everyone. There’s a good atmosphere amongst the group.

See? Nothing to worry about. All we need to do is keep supplying that sweet, sweet ketracel-white and Koscielny will be fine.