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Higuain's father/agent: Arsenal and Real Madrid in "advanced talks"

Sky Sports also claims Arsenal representatives are in Spain to negotiate the finalization of the deal.

I really need new Higuain pictures
I really need new Higuain pictures
Carlos Alvarez

As the world turns, the Gonzalo Higuain transfer situation advances still another step. According to Jorge Higuain, who is the Real Madrid striker's father and half of his representation team, Arsenal and Juventus have both made "strong" offers to Madrid for the player, and while nothing is yet final, the clubs are in "advanced talks."

While reports have stated that personal terms have already been agreed, Jorge also claims that is not the case, saying that nothing would be arranged until after the clubs had agreed on a transfer. Like Arseblog, I feel that's unlikely to be true, as I'm not sure I've ever heard of a transfer that worked like that outside of Football Manager or FIFA 13. At the very least there has to have been some kind of talk, to make sure there was a common ground that could be found before devoting this much effort to negotiations.

And speaking of negotiations, there's this. While the linked video is the only place I've seen it in actuality, it's been pretty widely reported that Sky Sports said yesterday that Arsenal's crack acquisition team was in Spain, working to seal the Higuain deal with Madrid. Like practically every single other report, they have slightly different figures on what's actually being offered - £22 million and £100,000 a week, this time, which is actually a little cheaper than usual - but obviously if they're there to negotiate, it's tough to know what the figures are. Since they haven't been settled yet.

Surely it will still be at least a few days before we know one way or the other about this transfer ("one way" being "we have Higuain," "the other" being "NOOOOOOOOOO"). But it looks like we're starting to get close to nearing a resolution, almost.

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