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Montpellier forward Younes Belhanda on the verge of EPL move?

A familiar name to those who follow reported Arsenal transfer targets, the midfielder appears set for an exit following statements from Montpellier's president

Julian Finney

As of late, the focus regarding potential Arsenal transfer targets has been on a select few players, but there appears to be a new-ish name that could possibly, very well just maybe, potentially and possibly emerge at the end of the summer wearing the famous red-and-white shirt next season.

Montpellier president Louis Nicollin, no stranger himself to transfer negotiations with Arsenal, has come forward and offered up a bit of news regarding his star midfielder Younes Belhanda and the slim prospects of keeping the Moroccan international at the Stade de la Mosson.

"We'd need to get €15 million, but I'd settle for 14 or 12," the colourful millionaire said, revealing he had received offers for the highly-rated midfielder. "From France, no, but from England, Germany and the United Arab Emirates, yes."

At best, this is a rather tenuous link to Arsenal. The fact that he's been a long-reported target for Arsene Wenger makes this a bigger story than it truly is at the moment, considering Nicollin's dragging in a significant amount of clubs into the conversation in the hopes of starting a bidding war between interested parties. Further, outside of an Olivier Giroud endorsement, there hasn't been any sort of noise emanating from the club regarding their interest in Belhanda. Of course that's precisely how Wenger prefers his transfer business to be completed, but until there's a touch more smoke to this story, it's best to simply pour water on the embers for the time being.